Episode #2: Air Travel Nostalgia

In this second episode of The Travel Hacker show, I share some nifty travel information and hacks with you:

Episode #2: A look back at how flying used to be in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, and how to save money on booking your next flight, with Skiplagged.com.

I found it quite fascinating to look back at the photo archives of what flying was like in the 1950’s through 1970’s.  In some ways it looks glamorous, because there was more space between seats, and everyone dressed up for the special occasion!  On the other hand, planes were very noisy, and seats weren’t very comfortable, compared with today.  Still, it’s interesting to see how far we’ve come.

The main travel hacking resource I reveal is a big one.  It’s a website and app called Skiplagged.  It allows you to search for what’s known as ‘hidden city’ flights, that’s flights that route to a through a city you want to go to.  I’ll show you an example in this episode, and it’s a great way to save money on your next flight booking.  Make sure you try out Skiplagged for yourself.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

 – For Hundreds of Discounts and Travel Perks

www.Skiplagged.com – Save money on booking your next flight.


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