Episode #1: Travel Tips and Hacks for Visas

In this premiere episode of The Travel Hacker show, I share lots of cool travel tips and hacks with you:

Episode #1: Travel Tips and Hacks for Visas, How to Find Cheap Hotels in Big Cities Last Minute, The Mysterious Little Hole in The Back of the Plane & a Travel Hack to Get You Through TSA Security Faster.

First, my crazy visa story, with a lesson I want every traveler to learn.  Be alert if you have a new passport, to avoid making the same visa mistake as I did! I thought I was going to lose my Delta Global Upgrade certificate, which would have been very upsetting on a long flight to Australia!

Have you ever wondered what the little hole in the back of planes is for?  I did too, and I discovered the answer.  You might be surprised!  It powers on board systems prior to take off.  Who knew?!

The travel resource I share with you is HotelTonight, for last minute discount hotel options in major cities around the world.

The main Travel Hack for this episode is an amazing way to shortcut your journey through TSA security in many U.S. airports.  Pre-registration and background check is required.  Note, this is not about TSA-Precheck, this is an independent service called CLEAR, that’s rolling out in many airports.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

 – For Hundreds of Discounts and Travel Perks

www.HotelTonight.com – Inexpensive last minute hotel bookings

www.ClearMe.com – CLEAR service for fast track through TSA security check-points in the USA.


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